• Board of Directors

  • 2019 MiWB Board
  • Members of the MiWB board after their meeting in CRA’s Lansing office. From left to right: Jim Watling,supervisor, transportation review unit, MDEQ, MiWB; Jeff Silagy, wetland manager, MiWB; Rob Laitinen, PS, superintendent/manager, Chippewa County Road Commission and vice chair, MiWB; Mike O’Malley, environmental services, MDOT; Steve Puuri, PE, engineering specialist, CRA and chair, MiWB; Terry Palmer, PE, managing director, Midland County Road Commission and secretary/treasurer, MiWB; ;  Tim Wolff, village manager, Village of Lake Isabella.Missing board members: Brad Knight, environmental concerns coordinator, Road Commission for Oakland County;


    Steve Puuri,Chair

    Robert Laitinen, Vice-Chair

    Brad Knight, Secretary-Treasurer

    Kelly Bekken

    Tim Wolff

    Mike O'Malley

    Jim Watling


  • Upcoming Board Meetings